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Andrea Venzon, Founder of Volt and Independent Candidate for the European Elections in London

My life changed the day of the Brexit vote: as many other Europeans who had the chance to study and live in the UK, I felt that part of my heart belonged on this island, and my future would be deeply intertwined with it.

That day, history put my life on a different track.

That day, I started the most incredible experience of my life.

I decided to create Volt, the first truly European party, without any political experience, funds, or famous name to back me. The same logo, values, and policies across Europe, to fight common battles and to harvest shared solutions.

Volt was started the day Article 50 was notified as a reaction to the Brexit vote: three young people, one Italian, one French, and one German saw in Britain leaving the EU the seed of a wider trend, the return of nationalism and extremism.

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