Volt Europa will campaign on one single programme across Europe for the elections to the European Parliament: the Amsterdam Declaration. This document has been drafted by hundreds of volunteers, reviewed by experts, and voted upon. It is our vision for Europe, and what we pledge to fight for. With this, we will be able to bring new energy to politics and to shape the Europe we all need.

Download PDF: Amsterdam Declaration

Volt Europa also crafted a supporting document of the Amsterdam Declaration, which outlines in detail how we plan to achieve our commitments.

Download PDF: Supporting Document

Amsterdam declaration

#1 Fix the EU

  • > creating a strong political union
  • > empowering its citizens
  • > increasing security and accountability
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#2 Make Europe an economic powerhouse

  • > boosting growth and standards of living
  • > investing in the future
  • > putting education first

#3 Build a just and sustainable society

  • > seizing green opportunities
  • > managing migration humanely and responsibly
  • > pushing for fairness and equality